Step 3 - Add Swimlanes to a Scenario

A swimlane is a scenario object that you can use to visually distinguish logical groups of steps in a process.

In this lesson, you learn how to add swimlanes to visually distinguish the steps of the Login process and the steps of the Welcome page process of the High Level Design scenario.

  1. On the Scenario Designer toolbar, click the New Swimlane button New swimlane button. A swimlanes container appears containing a blue and a pink swimlane side-by-side.
  2. Adjust the size of the swimlanes container. Click the bottom-right corner of the swimlane container and drag to the desired size.
  3. Adjust the width of the swimlanes. Click the divider bar between the two swimlanes and move the bar the desired width, as shown in the following graphic.
    Add Swimlanes

  4. Access the Details window, click the Swimlane Container bar, and rename the swimlanes Phase 1 and Phase 2.
    Note: The title of the Details window should include Swimlane Container 1. If it doesn’t, then you need to click a swimlane to make its properties visible in the Details window.