Logging on as an Administrator for the First Time

This first-time logon procedure is for Caliber Visualize administrators who are using either the 30-day trial version or the full version of Caliber Visualize.

Important: After the Caliber Visualize installation is complete, the Caliber Visualize server might take several minutes to start the first time. As a result, the URL might not be available immediately after the installation completes. If the service does not start, wait a few minutes and restart the service. If the service does not start, contact customer support for assistance.
  1. In your browser, navigate to the IP address or URL configured to access Caliber Visualize. The Log On window opens in the browser.
  2. Type the default user name as admin in the Username box.
  3. Type the default password as admin in the Password box.
  4. Click Log on.