Using the Form Builder

  1. Double-click the screen action in which to build a form. The Screen Editor appears.
  2. Select the Form builder button on the Screen Editor toolbar. The Form builder dialog box opens and displays the Label and Screen element categories.
  3. Optional: Select Columns from data tables to import the form fields from an existing table.
    1. Select the data table from which to choose elements.
    2. Check the check boxes for the form elements to include from the list of columns from the selected data table.
    3. Review the Elements will be added for column.
    4. Click Import. The choices you made are imported and the dialog box closes.
    5. Click Create form on the Form builder dialog box.
    The form is created.
  4. Optional: Create the form elements manually by clicking the appropriate items as follows:
    Label Text (Required) Screen Element Name Definition
    Type a label Button Action button
    Type a label List box Multi-line list box
    Type a label Multiple-select list box List box that allows the user to select multiple entries
    Type a label Text area Multi-line box
    Type a label Check box Selectable check box
    Type a label Calendar Configurable calendar
    Type a label None Label only
    Note: Each element must have a label entered or the object will not appear in the form when created.
  5. Click Create form. The Form builder dialog box closes and the form appears on the Screen layout page.