Logging On with the Default User Account

This first-time logon procedure is for Caliber Visualize users who meet the following criteria:
  • You want to test-drive Caliber Visualize without setting up an individual account.
  • You are training someone else to use Caliber Visualize.
Important: After the Caliber Visualize installation is complete, the Caliber Visualize server might take several minutes to start the first time. As a result, the URL might not be available immediately after the installation completes. Refer to the Installation Guide for more information.
  1. In the browser, navigate to the IP address or URL to access the Caliber Visualize workspace. The Log On window opens in the browser.
  2. Type the default user account name for Mary Manager as mmanager in the Username box.
  3. Type the default password as mmanager in the Password box.
  4. Click Log on. The Loading message appears. When the product finishes loading, the Caliber Visualize home page opens in the browser window.