Step 4 - Running A Scenario Storyboard

A scenario storyboard is an interactive representation of the steps in the scenario that includes controls to navigate through the steps and provide feedback on the process design.

In this lesson, you learn how to run the High Level Design scenario storyboard.

  1. On the Scenario Designer toolbar, click the Storyboard button . A new browser window or tab appears and displays the Storyboard Viewer and the steps of the High Level Design scenario with the Start step highlighted in blue.
  2. In the right pane, at the top of the pane, click Next. The Login step highlights in blue indicating it is the active step. The panes in the left pane of the Storyboard Viewer update with information specific to the currently selected step of the scenario.
  3. Click the Next button and continue to navigate to the Make Choice step. A message box appears prompting you to select the next step.
  4. Select Future Options. The message box is dismissed and the Future Options step is highlighted.