Creating a Data Table from an Imported CSV File

The spreadsheet to import must be saved in CSV file format and can contain only one page. The maximum number of rows allowed is 101. The top row of the 101 columns must contain the column labels, for a total of 101 columns maximum including the heading labels. No more than 101 columns can be imported. Make a note of the text in each column label in the CSV, because the text is required to complete the import process.
Note: The import process can take some time based on the size of the CSV file. A 101-row column maximum is enforced for imports. If you attempt to import a larger spreadsheet, the table is truncated at the 101-row limit.
  1. Open the project to which you want to import a CSV file.
  2. Select Data in the Project Explorer. The Business Data page opens.
  3. Click the Create Table from CSV button on the toolbar. The Create a New Data Table from CSV dialog box appears.
  4. Complete the boxes as follows:
    1. Type a name in the Name box.
    2. Optional: Type a description in the Description box.
  5. Click Browse to browse to the CSV file that you want to import. The Select File to Upload dialog box appears and displays available files.
  6. Navigate to and select the CSV file you want to import. The File box populates with the selected CSV file name.
  7. Click Open. The dialog box closes, and the file name displays in the File box on the Create a New Data Table from CSV dialog box.
  8. Click OK. The CSV is imported and the table displays on the Business Data page.
    Note: The first table row contains the imported column names and the subsequent rows contain the imported values.