Modifying General Options

Note: This topic provides concepts for a Caliber Visualize installation without Caliber. If you are using Caliber Visualize for Caliber, review the Caliber documentation for pertinent information about this topic.

You must be logged on to the Caliber Visualize Admin Console as an administrator before performing this procedure.

  1. Click Manage system on the Admin Console toolbar. The Manage System dialog box appears.
  2. Edit any of the following options, and then click Save.
    • Maximum file size upload (MB) — sets the size limit in megabytes for uploading files to the Caliber Visualize database. The default and recommended size limit is 5 MB. Uploading large files approaching or exceeding 5 MB may impact the performance of your Caliber Visualize database. Additionally, attaching a large number of files may impact performance.
    • Maximum row count upload (#) — sets the row count limit for uploading rows in a data table to the Caliber Visualize database. An excessively large number of rows could cause performance problems. Setting this option to restrict users from creating a large number of rows ensures optimal performance.
    • Maximum undo steps (#) — sets the limit of the number of undo actions to perform in the Scenario Designer, Simulation Designer, Screen Editor, and Template Editor. For example, if you set this option to 5, you will only be able to undo the last 5 actions performed in the Screen Editor.
      Note: The list of undo actions appears in the Events/History section of the Details window.
    • Snapshot timer (ms) — defines the time interval in milliseconds of the Snapshot timer. The Snapshot timer is used to automatically save the state of a visualization at periodic intervals as defined by this option.
  3. Click Save. The option values are saved in the Caliber Visualize database.