Finding Project Assets

  1. Open the project in which to search.
  2. In the Project Explorer, right-click a project asset from which to start the search. The Find in Tree dialog box appears.
    Note: You can narrow the scope of your search by selecting a specific folder or asset from which to start the search as well as the direction of the search. This allows you to exclude portions of the Project Explorer from the initial search.
  3. In the Find what: box, specify the search criteria. By default, partial matching is enabled. You can enter any number of contiguous characters of a name and find all occurrences of the asset name containing the characters. For example, the search criteria Trans finds all asset names with these characters, such as Deposit Transaction, Withdrawal Transaction, and User Transaction.
  4. Optional: Select any of the following search options:
    • Match entire contents — select to require matching of the entire contents of a project asset name. For example, with this option selected, the search criteria Trans will not find the asset name Deposit Transaction. You must type the exact name Deposit Transaction to find Deposit Transaction in the Project Explorer.
    • Match case — select to enable case-sensitive matching of the specified search criteria
    • Direction — choose to search up the Project Explorer or down the Project Explorer
  5. Click Find Next. If a match is found, the Project Explorer expands and displays the matching asset.