Reviewing a Simulation and Creating Discussions

A simulation must be created in which a discussion can be created. The reviewer must be provided with a link to run the simulation in a Web browser.
  1. Open the browser and navigate to the provided link. The Reviewer Log On page opens in the browser.
  2. Log on as instructed by using your email address and a password, if required.
    Note: If the page does not display the password box, you do not need a password to view the simulation. If the page does display a password box, you must type the password supplied to you by the person who requested that you review the simulation.
    The simulation opens in the browser.
  3. Click Reviewer Tools. The Reviewer Tools window appears.
  4. Click the Discussion bar. The Post New button and any previously entered discussions appear.
  5. Click the Post New button. The Discussion form opens.
  6. Fill in the following information:
    1. Subject: Type a descriptive subject for the discussion.
    2. Details: Type detailed instructions or information.
  7. Click Save. The name of the discussion entry appears under Discussion on the Reviewer Tools.