Caliber Security Model

Caliber Security Overview

Caliber provides a complex, enterprise-level security mechanism for tightly controlling the actions of users. The following items provide a brief overview of the characteristics of the Caliber model.

  • Caliber allows attaching more than one security profile to a group.
  • A security profile is a list of permissions for requirements based on requirement type.
  • Groups are assigned to projects.
  • The ability of assigned users to create, view, update and delete requirements within a project is defined by the Caliber Security Profiles component.
  • When a security profile has been defined, it can be attached to one or more groups that are assigned to a project.
  • Users can be included in more than one group.
  • Only members of the system administrators group are allowed to create, configure, and delete projects in Caliber.
  • System administrators can assign groups of users to a project.
  • When a group is assigned to a project, the users in that group can view the project in Caliber.

Caliber manages creating and modifying projects somewhat differently from Caliber Visualize because the Caliber security model places more restrictions on who can create a project. In Caliber, only system administrators can create projects. Caliber users must possess administrator permission to create projects on their own. This policy also applies to Caliber Visualize users that have Caliber Visualize installed for use with Caliber. For ease of use, the Administrator's group in Caliber is automatically assigned to all new Caliber Visualize projects on the Caliber side when the project is created.

Users with Caliber administrator permissions enjoy full access to projects in both applications, which includes the capability to create, read, update, and delete integrated projects, except for requirements. Requirements security is determined by the user's Caliber security profile. You cannot duplicate a project in Caliber Visualize that is active in Caliber which has requirements associated with it.

The projects to which you have access in Caliber Visualize are visible in Caliber. However, the Caliber projects that you can access in which you work depend upon membership in the appropriate Caliber group that is assigned to an existing Caliber project.