Working with Swimlanes

A swimlane is a Caliber Visualize component that you can create in the background of a process flow diagram to indicate where a process crosses a boundary. A boundary is defined as the intersection in a process where an action crosses from one entity to another entity. Process boundaries can indicate where a transition occurs from one system to another, from one person to another, or from one department to another.

Swimlanes are rectangular and can be aligned in horizontal or vertical bands. Caliber Visualize swimlanes are created in groups of two inside a swimlane container. Each swimlane displays clickable plus (+) and minus (-) buttons in the corner of each swimlane that allows you to add and remove swimlanes.

Swimlanes are a useful tool when more than an actor and step are needed to understand a complex process. Using swimlanes in a diagram can also help you to highlight gaps or duplications in a process.