Creating an Invoke Step to Connect to Other Scenarios

  1. In the Project Explorer, select the scenario to which you want to add a new step. The Scenario Designer appears.
  2. On the Scenario Designer toolbar, click the New invoke step button.
    Note: You can also drag the button onto the Scenario Designer canvas to create and position the step simultaneously.
    The new step is created and displays an editable box in which you can name the step.
  3. Type a step name and press Enter or click the Scenario Designer canvas.
  4. Position and connect the step to the appropriate point in the diagram by dragging the connector point from the step to another step.
  5. Open the Details window.
  6. Click General and set the following:
    1. Type a title in the Name box.
    2. Optional: Type a Description, if you want to add a description.
  7. Click Scenario Invoke Step. The Scenario Invoke Step category expands.
  8. Click Configure. The Choose a scenario dialog box opens and displays a list of the available scenarios.
  9. Click the scenario name to which you want to connect the invoke. The invoke is connected to the invoke object.
  10. Click Save & Close. The choices are saved and the dialog box closes.