Creating a Script Widget

  1. Double-click the screen action in which to create a script widget. The Screen Editor appears.
  2. Click the New script widget button on the Screen Editor toolbar.
    Note: You can either click the button or drag it onto the Screen Editor canvas to create and position it in the same step.
  3. On the Details window, under Script area, choose one of the following script widget types:
    • Page script
    • UI widget
  4. Click Edit. The Script window appears.
  5. Enter valid HTML, CSS, or scripting language code, and then click Save and Close.
  6. Drag the script widget to the desired location on the screen. Alternatively, on the Details window, under Script area, type the precise coordinates in the X and Y boxes.
    Note: You can programmatically position a script widget using the values ${xPos} and ${yPos} for the respective X and Y coordinates.