Sending a Simulation Link to a Reviewer

The Make available for review check box in the project configuration settings must be checked to allow reviewer access. Setting an access password is optional.
  1. Open the project that contains the simulation for which you want to provide access to a reviewer.
  2. In the Project Explorer, select the simulation in which to create a decision action. The Simulation Designer opens.
  3. In the Details window, and click the Simulation bar.
  4. Expand the Simulation category on the Details window.
  5. Click Copy. The simulation name and associated URL is copied to the clipboard.
  6. Open your email client and create a new message to the reviewer with instructions to use the URL you send them.
  7. Paste the copied project name and URL into the email message with the instructions, and send the email to the recipient.
    Tip: The reviewer is presented with a logon window in the browser when the URL is entered and activated. You should instruct the reviewer to use their Caliber user credentials or send them the virtual user information that you created with the project setup.