Scenario Designer

Scenarios contain a diagram that resemble a standard flowchart with labeled rectangles, diamonds, and connection lines. This flowchart is called a scenario diagram and is created and edited in the Scenario Designer.

The following table describes the buttons available on the Scenario Designer toolbar.

Button Name Function
New Screen Action button New generic step Creates a new step that represents one action or part of a process.
New Decision Step Button New decision step Creates a new decision step that represents a branch in the process that can have one or many paths available based on several criteria, such as the choice made, outcome of a yes-no question, or other process criteria that you choose. A decision must be connected to at least one object to allow configuration.
New Redirect button New invoke step Creates a new invoke object that you can use to connect one scenario to another scenario.
New Rich Text button New rich text Creates a text object that can be used as a label, title, or other note directly in the diagram.
New swimlane button. New swimlane Creates a swimlane container with two swimlanes. Swimlanes are configured within the Details window.
Storyboard Storyboard Generates a storyboard of the scenario diagram that allows a sequential view of the process. This function is available even when the scenario is locked for editing.
Show Event/History Show Event/History: Undo Opens the Details window and displays the list of changes made to the scenario from which you can undo.
Delete Selection button Delete selection Deletes the selected objects.
Refresh button Refresh Refreshes the page.
Clear Document button Clear document Clears the page of all diagram objects. This action deletes everything in the diagram.
Window Settings Window settings Sets grid functions as on or off, and configures grid size for grids that are turned on. The primary grid size default is 80 pixels. The grid subdivision default setting is set to 4, which is the number of squares per primary grid division.

Enables position snapping and snapping when resizing.

Sets default connector options for line type default to straight, curve, or orthogonal line types. Setting the default connector type affects all diagram lines created after setting the connector option. If the option is not set, the default is set to straight.

Exports as an image button Export as image Exports the diagram as an image, which can be printed, saved, and attached to an email.
Zoom control Zoom Provides a slider to set the zoom for the page incrementally to make the view larger or smaller.
Fit in Window button Fit in window Resets the page view back to 100%.