Configuring a Project

  1. Open the project you want to configure.
  2. On the Caliber Visualize Workspace menu bar, choose Project > Configure. The Configure dialog box opens.
  3. On the General tab, modify the project name in the Name box.
  4. Type the project description in the Description box.
  5. Set the project magnitude. Select the Manual entry box, and then type a value in the Magnitude box. Magnitude values are intended as a guideline to use when you need to create statistics that include weighting. These statistics can be used to determine importance, ranking, weight, or level of effort for test cases in Caliber Visualize. You might also want to use numbers that reflect values that are used in your business to indicate other units of measure for estimating, units of work, or other factors.
  6. Select a simulation from the Default simulation list. This is the simulation that will run when you run a simulation from the Run menu of the opened project.
  7. Select a template from the Default template list.
  8. Set project access permissions by selecting the Lock Project box. Selecting this option locks the project and prevents other users from viewing or modifying the project.
  9. Set reviewer access to simulations and storyboards by selecting or clearing the Make available for review box. The project simulations and storyboards are available for review when the Make available for review box is selected.
  10. Optionally, set a reviewer password for access to simulations and storyboards by typing a password in the Password box. Entering a password restricts reviewer access to project simulations and storyboards unless the password is entered.
  11. Click OK. The settings are saved and the dialog box closes.