Working with Integrated - Caliber Projects

An integrated Caliber Visualize - Caliber project is stored in the Caliber database, but is visible as a project in both Caliber and Caliber Visualize. In Caliber Visualize, you can open the project and create, edit, and delete visualization objects. Changes made to visualizations and visualization objects appear as new requirement types in the Caliber integrated project that you can open and view, and, in the case of simulations, run and view. In this way, the integration is designed to extend a standard Caliber project to include the visual prototyping capabilities of Caliber Visualize.

Requirements in an integrated project are managed and viewable solely from within Caliber. In Caliber Visualize, you cannot view the requirements of an integrated project. You must manage and view requirements as they appear in the Caliber.

You can create a new integrated project or convert an existing Caliber project into an integrated project. In either case, the integration is initiated from Caliber Visualize.