Simulation Designer

Project simulations contain processes described by visual objects in a simulation diagram. The Simulation Designer is used to create, display, and manage simulation diagrams and associated objects within the diagram.

The following table describes the buttons available on the Simulation Designer toolbar.
Button Name Action
New Screen Action button New screen action Creates a new screen action, which is a representation of a Web page or other user interface that the user can interact with.
New Logic button New logic action Creates a new logic action, which is an action that can be affected by a user action, but does not directly include user interaction. A logic action contains the following configurable selections:
  • Variable Assignment (assign a value to a variable)
  • Select Data (by filtering)
  • Insert Data (to a data table)
  • Update Data (in a data table)
  • Delete Data (from a data table)

Depending on the choice, settings include filtering, various criteria settings, inserting an expression, set sort order to ascending or descending, and variable assignment choices. Variable assignment allows choosing an existing variable or entering new variables on the fly.

New Decision Step Button New decision action Creates a new decision action, which is branch in the process that can have one or many paths based on defined conditions, such as the choice made, outcome of a yes-no question, or other criteria that you choose. A decision must be preceded by another action and connected to at least one action that represents a decision action in the diagram. Decisions are not limited to an either-or choice; multiple outputs are available for decision configuration.

Clicking a decision action opens a dialog box in which you can define conditions to control the flow of the simulation.

New Redirect button New redirect action Creates a new redirect action which links to a destination within the same project and can either be to the same simulation, an action within the simulation, or an action within another simulation.
New Rich Text button New rich text Creates a text object that can be used as a label, title, or other note directly in the diagram.
Simulate button Simulate Runs the simulation currently open in the Simulation Designer.
Show Event/History Show Event/History: Undo Opens the Details window and displays the list of changes made to the simulation from which you can undo.
Delete Selection button Delete Deletes the selected object, text label, or line.
Refresh button Refresh Refreshes the window.
Clear Document button Clear document Clears all items from the page. This deletes everything in the diagram.
Window Settings Window settings Set grid functions, snap to grid, and configure grid size. Set connector line default to straight, curved, or orthogonal for the entire project for new lines. Any existing lines are not affected.
Exports as an image button Export as Image Exports the template under development to an image that can be saved, printed, and sent as an attachment to an email.
Zoom control Zoom Sets the zoom in increments on a slider.
Fit in Window button Fit in window Sets the zoom for the page back to 100%, which is actual size.