Unparking a Project

Note: This topic provides concepts for a Caliber Visualize installation without Caliber. If you are using Caliber Visualize for Caliber, review the Caliber documentation for pertinent information about this topic.

You must be logged on to the Caliber Visualize Admin Console as an administrator before performing this procedure.

  1. Click Manage System button. The Manage system dialog box opens and displays the System information page.
  2. Click the Projects icon. The Projects page opens and displays all the groups that have projects associated with them.
  3. Click the Workspace folder icon that contains the project you want to unpark. The tree expands and displays the projects assigned to that workspace.
  4. Click the project in the tree that you want to unpark, and click the Unpark button. The project status is set to active and the project name appears in the Projects in Use list, which also loads the project into memory. The user workspace displays the icon for the project.