Parking a Project

Note: When the project is unparked it is reloaded from the Caliber server. If the Caliber Visualize server is restarted it does not load the child objects for parked projects. The Caliber project looks the same whether or not it is parked. With the exception that snapshots are not available and the links for running or editing the visualization do not work. The descriptions for scenarios and simulations contain an error message when this occurs.

You must be logged on to the Caliber Visualize Admin Console as an administrator before performing this procedure.

  1. Click Manage system button. The Manage system window opens and displays the System information page.
  2. Click Projects. The Projects page opens and displays all the workspaces that have projects associated with them.
  3. Click the Workspace folder icon that contains the project you want to park. The tree expands and displays the projects assigned to that group.
  4. Click the project in the tree that you want to park, and click the Park button. The project is moved to the Parked category, and the project status is set to inactive, which releases the memory that was assigned to the project.
    Note: The parked project does not appear in the related user workspace when it is parked.