Scenario Diagram Overview

Scenarios contain a diagram that resemble a standard flowchart with labeled rectangles, diamonds, and connection lines. This flowchart is called a scenario diagram.

Scenario diagrams are created in the Scenario Designer, which you can access by selecting a scenario in the Project Explorer. Scenario diagrams contain steps and connector lines, as described below:

  • Start Step– Defines the initial step in a diagram and appears as a required step by default
  • Generic Step – Allows you to create a general step in the diagram that defines a logical, discrete step in the process
  • Decision Step – Allows you to create a step in the diagram that branches to other steps based on criteria that you set
  • Invoke Step– Allows you to link to another scenario to create a modular scenario framework in which common scenario diagrams can be reused or distributed individually
  • Connector Lines – Connects diagram steps to one another to define process flow