Benefits of Caliber Visualize

Caliber Visualize is an interactive software simulation that is part of the Caliber family. It offers the following key benefits:

Ease of use
Drag-and-drop assembly lets non-technical users create simulations in minutes.
A realistic experience
Simulations use sample data and business logic from your organization, so stakeholders experience exactly how the software will perform in real life.
Streamlined collaboration
Accessing simulations via the Web is an easy way for users to review and leave comments, shortening the feedback cycle and ensuring critical feedback is communicated clearly.
Powerful analysis facilities
Business process storyboarding using multi-user, server-based process diagraming helps you define business processes and lets you quickly sketch and distribute diagrams, as well as attach images and other documents for additional context.
Document-friendly requirements management
Traditional text-based requirements can be defined quickly and easily using a rich-text interface of Caliber and linked to simulations and scenarios of Caliber Visualize to ensure an appropriate balance of words and pictures.
Centralized requirements platform
All requirement artifacts, including text-based requirements, attributes, attachments, scenarios and simulations, are managed in a centralized platform.
Jump start testing
Test cases can be automatically generated from requirement scenarios and simulations and imported into most test management tools.