Configuring the Appearance of Assets in Caliber Visualize

The following paragraphs describe changes you can make in the Windows registry to configure how Caliber Visualize assets appear in Caliber. These settings are optional.

For specific guidance about installing, updating, or configuring Caliber, refer to the Caliber Help.

Caliber Registry Settings

A registry key is set in Windows that determines which Caliber Visualize assets display in the Caliber Requirements Grid, Doc Factory Reports, and in other areas. Some companies may want to customized which assets are visible when Caliber Visualize is used with Caliber.

Be aware that editing the registry is a highly technical task and should be assigned accordingly. It is strongly suggested that you back up the registry before changing the settings.
In the registry location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Borland\CaliberRM\11.5\Server, you can add the following registry entry to configure how Caliber Visualize assets appear in Caliber:
  • DWORD simRequirements = 0 (default value)
  • 0 = Only Caliber Visualize notes
  • 1 = Caliber Visualize notes and visualization assets (including all child objects like steps)
  • 2 = All Caliber Visualize assets