Including Images in a Report

Images from screen actions, templates, simulation diagrams, and scenario diagrams are included in the appropriate areas of a project report when you generate the report.

Updates automatically occur every two minutes as authors open, close, create, and modify scenarios, templates, simulations and screens. Images are also updated when a triggering event occurs, such as closing an exported image window.

If an image is undergoing an edit when the report is exported, a message appears stating that the image is out of date. A Refresh link is available that, when clicked, updates the image. When the image is updated, a message is appended under the image that includes the user ID of the person who made the changes.

Images in reports are clickable, which means that you can click an image and open the linked object that the image is based on. Where the image opens, either in a Discussion window in a browser, or directly in Caliber Visualize, depends on whether or not you have access to Caliber Visualize and to the project that contains the images. For example, a reviewer who does not have Caliber Visualize access will automatically see the Discussion page containing the image. However, when a registered Caliber Visualize user clicks an image in a report, the corresponding diagram opens directly in Caliber Visualize. The user may be prompted to log in if Caliber Visualize is not open.