Caliber Integration

The Caliber Visualize - Caliber integration provides you with the ability to maintain traceability between requirements in Caliber Author and visualizations in Caliber Visualize. This allows you to use the advanced requirements management and definition capabilities of Caliber Author while leveraging the scenarios and simulations of Caliber Visualize to define more accurate requirements and foster improved collaboration between team members.

In Caliber Author, you can write and manage requirements and then supplement these requirements with visualizations created in Caliber Visualize, which are viewable from within a Caliber project as a unique requirement type. For traceability, requirements in Caliber can be associated with visualizations to demonstrate a proof-of-concept, working prototype of a written requirement.

Additionally, to collaborate with all team members on the design and development of visualizations, the integration supports a bidirectional notes feature that enables the exchange of information between the two products and can be initiated from either product.

Another feature of the of the Caliber Visualize - Caliber integration is the ability to create a non-integrated Caliber Visualize project in which you can test drive the new requirements management features included in Caliber Visualize.

For additional information, refer to the Caliber Help.