A project in Caliber Visualize allows you to logically group and manage a related set of requirements and visualization assets, which includes simulations, scenarios, data tables, images, templates, and actors.

After creating a project, various actions can be taken with projects, such as renaming a project, duplicating a project, and locking and unlocking project assets. Additionally, you can export a project in a compressed file format for archival or backup purposes or to share a copy of a project with another user.

Project Locking

Caliber Visualize provides a project locking feature that ensures that you can work on a project and protect it from modifications by another user. The locked project cannot be accessed by other users until the project is unlocked and closed. You can lock and unlock your own projects. Other users cannot unlock a project you lock, unless they have administrator permissions or get administrator assistance.

A Caliber Visualize administrator can unlock any locked project. If you need access to a project that is locked, and the user who locked the project is unavailable, contact the administrator for assistance. Locked projects can be viewed by others from the URL generated to solicit feedback for a simulation or storyboard, however. The URL to solicit feedback is located in the Details window for the selected simulation or scenario.

Duplicating Projects

A feature is included that allows you to duplicate an existing project within your workspace. Use the duplicate feature when you want to create a local backup of a project, or if you want to use an existing project as a basis for a new project. When the project is duplicated, all projects assets, such as requirements, scenarios, and simulations, are copied exactly to the new, duplicate project, with the exception of the project name, which you must change.

Note: You cannot create or duplicate a project that uses the same name as a parked project that resides in your workspace. Parked projects also reserve a project name, even though the project is not active in memory. You can only open one project at a time.