Creating a Report

  1. Open the project from which you want to create a report.
  2. On the Caliber Visualize Workspace menu bar, choose Reports > Project Report. The Reporting dialog box opens and displays the list of items to include in the project report. The list is expandable.
  3. Optional: Expand the categories to display the individual choices that are available.
  4. Check the check boxes to include the selected sections in the project report.
  5. Click Create Report (RTF). The Opening dialog box opens.
  6. Click Open to open the report or Save to save the report in the desired location.
    Note: The report output is in Rich Text Format (RTF). You can open the RTF file in any application that opens an RTF, such as Microsoft Word, Open Office Writer, or WordPad. Formatting might be limited in with some applications.
    The report with the sections you selected opens in the application that is configured on your system to open RTF files.
  7. Optional: Navigate to the Table of Contents in the report and right-click the Right-click here and select "Update Field" to see the table of contents message to generate the table of contents for the report.
    Note: An application that supports dynamic tables of contents must be used to use this feature. Example applications that support this feature are Microsoft Word and Open Office Write.
    The optional Table of Contents is created from the report content, if the report is opened in an application that supports dynamic tables of contents, such as Microsoft Word.