Opening a Scenario Diagram from a Report

Reviewers do not need access to Caliber Visualize to accomplish this task. They only need access to a browser. If the project is protected with a password, the reviewer must know that password to log in to the Discussion page. Otherwise, only an email address is needed.
You can provide these steps to the reviewer.
  1. Open the report that contains the scenario information.
  2. Navigate to the appropriate scenario section in the report.
  3. Perform the following steps to open the diagram from the report:
    1. Press and hold the Control key.
    2. Click the scenario diagram image.
    The Discussion window opens in a browser window and displays the log on page.
  4. Log on as instructed by using your email address and a password, if required.
    Note: If the page does not display the password box, you do not need a password to view the simulation. If the page does display a password box, you must type the password supplied to you by the person who requested you to review the simulation.
    The scenario appears in the browser.