Step 12 - Trace a Visualization to and from a Requirement

To add a visual context to a written requirement, you can create a trace to/from a scenario or simulation with a specific requirement. This allows you to graphically demonstrate a textual requirement to clarify the intention of the requirement. Traces can only be created from Caliber Author. Refer to the Caliber help for more information.

In this lesson, you learn how to modify the trace the Login requirement with the High Level Design scenario and Login simulation.

  1. Open the Traceability Explorer.
  2. Select the trace and click Modify. The Traceability Modification dialog appears.
  3. Select from the tree what you would like to trace to or trace from.
  4. Click either the Trace To or the Trace From button.
  5. Close the dialog box to return to the Traceability Explorer.

Congratulations! You have finished the Caliber Visualize tutorial.