Exporting a Template as an Image

An existing template must be available in the project to export as an image.

  1. In the Project Explorer, under Templates, select the template you want to export as an image. The Template Designer appears.
  2. Adjust the window size to ensure that the template displays with all the elements visible.
    Note: Any element that is not visible in the window when you export the template will not be visible on the exported image.
  3. Click the Export as image button on the Template Designer toolbar. A dialog box opens and displays options to open, save, or cancel.
  4. Choose one option:
    • To open the image, click Open to access the image in the application configured for PNG files on your system.
    • To save the image, perform the following steps:
      • Click Save to access the Save dialog box.
      • Type a name in the Name box.
      • Navigate to the location at which to save the image.
      • Click OK.
    • To cancel the operation, click Cancel.
If you chose to view the PNG file, you can manipulate it with the features available in the application configured to work with PNG files on your system. Most applications allow, at minimum, the capacity to print and save. You can also send it as an attachment to an email.