Using Pulse to View Project Updates

Pulse is intended to help team members who are working on the same project keep track of changes that others have made to project assets. By clicking the Pulse button Pulse button on the Caliber Visualize Workspace toolbar, all team members have an up-to-the-minute report of who has contributed to a project asset, what the asset is, and when it was changed.

Note: The Pulse button only appears on the toolbar when a change has been made to a product.
  1. Open the project for which you want to get the status.
  2. On the Caliber Visualize Workspace menu bar, click the Pulse button.
    Note: If the project has changes recorded, the Pulse button shows the text in bold face.
    The Caliber Visualize Pulse dialog box opens and displays the day, date, and time of the last change; the user ID of the person who made the change; and a list of the properties that were changed.
  3. Choose one of the following actions depending on what you want to do next:
    • To continue recording changes, leave the window open. Changes are recorded sequentially while the window is open. If the window is closed, sequential recording stops.
    • To stop recording changes sequentially and only capture the most recent change, close the window. Open the window again when you want to view the most recent change.