Creating a Pop-up Window Button

  1. Double-click the screen action in which to create a button object. The Screen Editor appears.
  2. Select New button from the Screen Editor toolbar.
    Note: You can either click the object or drag it to the page to create and position it in the same step.
  3. Arrange the object as you want it to appear on the canvas.
  4. In the Button category of the Details window, choose Pop-up window for the button type.
  5. Next to the Link property, click the Configure the link button. A new screen automatically opens in which you can define a screen action to appear in a pop-up window. By default, a Close and Return button appears in the screen layout. When clicked, this button closes the pop-up window. This new screen is added to the active simulation.
  6. Add any desired screen objects and close the screen.
  7. Select the active simulation tab in which the new screen appears. The new screen appears outside the flow of other objects in the simulation diagram. This screen does not need to be linked to other objects. When you click the pop-up window button, the new screen appears. After clicking the Close and Return button of the screen in the pop-up window, the flow of the simulation diagram returns to the next specified action in the simulation.