SilkCentral Test Manager Integration

Caliber Visualize integrates with SilkCentral Test Manager allowing you to view quality metrics for requirements in Caliber Visualize, such as status of a test definition.

Additionally, in Test Manager, you can view and manage Caliber Visualize requirements in the Test Manager requirements unit.

The following Caliber Visualize assets are imported as requirements:

Custom attributes of Caliber Visualize requirements are also imported into Test Manager. Custom attributes appear on the requirement Properties tab. If you want to filter the requirements based on custom attributes, when you create a new filter, select External Custom Attributes from the Selection Criteria list on the New Filter dialog box.

Even though you cannot edit an imported requirement, you can create custom requirement properties and apply them to imported requirements. Changes that flag an update for Caliber Visualize folders/requirements are:

Changes that flag an update for Caliber Visualize simulations/scenarios are:

Note that if you change the project requirement prefix in Caliber Visualize, the only way to see the changes in Test Manager is by performing a full synchronization by clicking Synchronize All. When you are reviewing a Caliber Visualize requirement in Test Manager, you will see an image snapshot of the visualization and depending on the requirement type, the following buttons may be available: