Creating an Integrated - Caliber Project

You must have administrator permissions in Caliber to complete this task.

  1. On the Caliber Workspace menu bar, choose Project > New. The New Project dialog box appears.
  2. Select Create new project.
  3. Type a project name in the Name box.
    Note: The project name character limit is 30 characters.
  4. Optional: Type a description in the Description box.
  5. Select Manage requirements in Caliber Selecting this option creates an integrated Caliber Visualize - Caliber project which is stored in Caliber, but visible in both Caliber Visualize and Caliber. In an integrated project, requirements are managed exclusively in Caliber.
    Note: Clearing this option creates a standard Caliber Visualize project which is stored in the Caliber Visualize database and contains Caliber Visualize requirements management features.
  6. Click OK. A new project is created and stored in the Caliber database. The project is visible in both Caliber and Caliber Visualize.
    Note: The project icon in Caliber Visualize contains the letter i, which indicates it is an integrated project.