Adding Notes to an Integrated Project

You can add notes to visualization objects to provide supplemental information for an integrated project that is viewable in both Caliber Visualize and in Caliber. Notes appear as a requirement under the visualization object requirement type in Caliber.

Main categories that have associated notes are the following:

  • Scenarios
  • Simulations
  • Data tables
  • Images
  • Templates
  • Actors
Note: you can add notes to Data tables, Images, Templates, and Actors in Caliber Visualize. However, you cannot view these items in Caliber.

Main category notes can have descendants, which are child notes subordinate to the parent requirement. You can view notes and associated subnotes in the Notes/Discussion/Traceability window when a related object is selected. A numbered total of the notes is provided in the status bar at the bottom of the window.

View all notes in the Notes/Discussion/Traceability window that you can access by expanding the notes category in the Details window.

The Details window displays notes for top-level objects that are listed in the menu tree, which are scenarios, simulations, data tables, images, templates, and actors. Notes for embedded object components, such those contained in a scenario or simulation diagram, are accessed from the Notes/Discussion window.