What is Caliber Visualize

Caliber Visualize is an interactive software simulation that integrations with Caliber for traditional requirements management.

Interactive simulations bring software requirements to life, greatly improving the quality and accuracy of requirements managed throughout the lifecycle. They can be shared with technical and non-technical stakeholders early in the project lifecycle to ensure a thorough understanding of business needs and greatly improve the quality of the requirements defined. Caliber Visualize combines interactive simulations with the traditional requirements management of Caliber to ensure that change is managed throughout the lifecycle and keeps everyone in synch with the business goals and needs.

Additionally, Caliber Visualize creates scenarios. A scenario is a flowchart diagram that can be used to visually depict, understand, and validate a sequential business process. Scenarios include descriptive steps, decision steps, and links to other scenarios. You can also link a scenario step to a simulation that interactively demonstrates the intent and purpose of the step.