Requesting a Simulation Review

The simulations that you create in Caliber Visualize might need a review by project stakeholders or a project sponsor. You might want to get feedback from other members of your team or from the project manager, for example. In Caliber Visualize, providing access to simulation output in a Web browser is simple. The built-in Details window includes a Copy function that retrieves and copies the selected simulation URL with the project name. You can send this URL and project name to a reviewer by email or other method, such as a chat application.

When a reviewer receives the URL that you send, he or she can copy and paste the URL into the address box of a preferred browser. When the reviewer directs the browser to the Reviewer log on page, the page displays a brief introduction to the Discussion Tools, a brief thank you message, and box for the reviewer to enter an email address. Additionally, if the simulation is password-protected, the Reviewer page also displays a box for the password. If the simulation is not password protected, there is no password box.

To access the simulation, the reviewer enters the required information into the thank you message area, which consists of the reviewer's email address, and a password you supply, if you have assigned a password to the simulation in the Project configuration settings.
Note: If you have assigned a password to the simulation, the reviewer must have the password to access the simulation.