What You Can Do with Caliber Visualize

The following list highlights core capabilities and functionality available in Caliber Visualize.
Create visual system representations
Caliber Visualize is a simulation tool designed to test drive applications before they are developed.
Generate dynamic output
Caliber Visualize can produce output that mirrors a user's wishes for screen design and click-through functionality. Use interactive design tools, data table integration, templates, and other features to automate application presentation and maintain consistency.
Capture and describe processes
Scenarios allow you to capture business processes without being tied to one methodology. A scenario storyboard function allows sequential review of processes separately from prototyping the application. Swimlane categories are available to help you illustrate where a process crosses a boundary.
Export test cases directly from scenarios and simulations
The Test Case Insight feature allows you to build weighted, detailed test cases automatically. Test Case Insight uses magnitude values to help you determine level of effort, complexity, risk, or any other weighted method as determined by your business.
Gather customer validation with a built-in feedback function.
Work collaboratively. A new background communication feature allows two or more people to work on a simulation or scenario at the same time. This feature is useful for reviewing work products or brainstorming sessions where changes need to be made and validated in real time by several people.
Create custom reports on-the-fly
Customizable reports can be created on-the-fly for scenarios and simulations, feedback, or any combination of these assets. Reports are easily accessible in Rich Text Format (RTF) from word processing or text applications such as Microsoft Word or WordPad.