Installing Caliber Visualize Overview

Caliber Visualize uses an installation wizard to assist you with application installation on your Windows system. Caliber Visualize is installed as a Windows service. The service is configured to start automatically.

The executable file that starts the installation wizard might be accessed in several different ways. You could access the installer from a link or from a location on a server where software installation files are available for download. If you need assistance with the type of installation you will have, contact your sales professional for details.

Caliber Visualize can be installed on a Windows server with or without Caliber. However, in order to run Caliber Visualize, you must have a Caliber Data Server connection. The installation automatically sets connection to the Caliber Data Server localhost:20000. If you have installed the Caliber Data Server on another location, change the settings in the configuration utility after installation. For more information, see Changing the Caliber Data Server Settings.

The installation wizard proceeds through each installation step with recommended default choices for locations and other information. It is recommended that you install the files at the default location as shown in the installer. The path that is suggested might vary depending upon the operating system.

Important: Starting the server for the first time might take several minutes to complete. While the server is starting, you may see a progress message. In the event that the server does not start, wait a few minutes before performing the Starting or Stopping the Service procedure. If that does not work, contact customer support.