Custom Reports

Caliber Visualize provides automated project reporting based on project contents. Reports are configurable. You can include or exclude objects from a report easily, which means you can generate a report with as much, or as little, detail as you need.

Reports are generated in Rich Text Format (RTF), which can be opened in most word processing applications. Document formatting is built in for applications that allow it, such as Microsoft Word. Other applications that can use RTF, such as WordPad, provide fewer native formatting features, so the reports might appear differently from how they appear in Microsoft Word.

Available formatting features include a dynamic table of contents, page headers with the report title, footers with page numbers, the report author's name, and the date and time the report is generated.

Optional information is provided depending on the current selections in the list of items to include in the project report. The following options are available in the Reporting dialog box:

Caliber Visualize Reporting Options

  • Scenarios – Provides a report for the selected scenario. The dialog box displays choices to include discussions, scenario diagrams, and all associated internal steps, decisions, actors, and invokes. The report shows decisions and invokes with links to other scenarios and connections to simulations. A link is included to run the scenario storyboard directly from the report.
  • Simulations – Provides a report for the selected simulation. Simulations are numbered for identification, and a link to the simulation is included. Any variables assigned to logic elements are displayed as well as screen components, such as labels and boxes. Each simulation action is accompanied by the title and the type of object. A link is included to run the simulation directly from the report.
  • Appendices – Provides the following selectable categories, based on your choices:
    • All Discussions – Provides a list of all discussions in the project.
    • All Project Actors – Provides a list of all project actors in the project.
    • All Project Templates – Provides a list of all data tables in the project.
    • Miscellaneous – Provides information related to the project.