Step 8 - Add the Welcome Screen to the Simulation Diagram

In this lesson, you learn how to add a Welcome screen to the Login simulation diagram and how to add content to the Welcome screen.

  1. Add the Welcome screen to the simulation diagram:
    1. On the Simulation Designer toolbar, click the New screen action button New screen action button..
    2. Type Welcome, and then move and connect the Welcome screen under the Login screen.
  2. Configure the Welcome screen action, as shown in the following graphic:
    Add Welcome Screen.

    1. In the Simulation Designer, double-click the Welcome screen. The Screen Editor appears in which you can add content using the buttons on the Screen Editor toolbar.
    2. Click the Rectangle button Scenario Designer Rectangle button. and move the rectangle to the center of the screen.
    3. Access the Details window and click the Rectangle bar.
    4. Configure the border color and thickness and background color to match the Employee Portal graphic.
    5. Click the New rich text button Scenario Designer New Rich Text button., and then move the text to the center of the screen.
    6. Double-click the box to open the text editor.
    7. Type Employee Portal in a large bold font and also type Please select from: in a smaller, regular font.
    8. Click Save & Close and then drag the right corner of the box to make all of the text visible.
    9. Click the New text link button Scenario Designer New Text Link button., and then move the text link box under Please select from:.
    10. Double-click the text link box to open the text link box editor.
    11. Type Customer Maintenance, and then click Save & Close.
      Note: In the next lesson, you will create the Customer Maintenance simulation which will serve as the target simulation of this link.
    12. Add another text link for Future Options and link to the external URL: