Creating a Decision Step in a Scenario Diagram

A decision step must be connected to another object in the workflow before you can configure the decision.
  1. In the Project Explorer, select the scenario to which you want to add a new step. The Scenario Designer appears.
  2. On the Scenario Designer toolbar, click the New decision step button.
    Note: You can also drag the button onto the Scenario Designer canvas to create and position the step simultaneously.
    The new step is created and displays an editable box in which you can name the step.
  3. Type a step name and press Enter or click the Scenario Designer canvas.
  4. Optional: Set and view additional properties in the Details window. Click the following categories to add attributes:
    • Name – Type a name in the Name box, if you want to change the existing name.
    • Description – Type a description in the Description box.
    • Scenario Decision Step – Assign resources to the step. A resource can be a file that you attach to the step, or a reference URL or file location.
    • Notes – Access the Notes Explorer to add supplemental information about the step.
    • Discussion – Review discussions assigned to the step.
    • Events/History - View changes made to the step.
    All entries are saved automatically.
  5. Position and connect the step to the appropriate point in the diagram by dragging the connector point from the step to the other step.