Setting Multiple-select List Box Properties

To be able to use the Select Data function for this object, a data table must have been created. Otherwise, only the Manual setting is available.
  1. Double-click the screen action containing the text link object to set the properties of. The Screen Editor appears.
  2. Select the text link object.
  3. In the Details window, click the Multiple-select list box bar.
  4. Set any of the following properties:
    Selection Function
    Arrange Moves the object to the front or the back of other objects.
    X ,Y position Sets the location position on the screen action. This setting defaults to the current location.
    Width, Height Sets the width and height of the multiple-select list box boundary.
    Variable name Sets the variable name, which is the system name, for the object.
    Source type Sets the data source, either Manual entry (typed into the table) or Existing data table, which displays values for Data, Label, and Value.
    Data Configure icon If Manual entry is chosen for source type, clicking this icon displays a table for data entry. In the table, select or add Click the Add Row icon to open a row for text entry.

    Existing Data

    If an existing data table is selected, additional selections display based on the column names in the data table.