Requirements for the Caliber Integration

Caliber and Caliber Visualize Installation

Installing Caliber Visualize and Caliber on the same computer
If you want to install Caliber Visualize and Caliber on the same computer, you must install the Caliber Data Server, Caliber Author, and the MPX services before installing Caliber Visualize.
Installing Caliber Visualize and Caliber on different computers
After installing Caliber Visualize, you can access the Caliber Configuration utility and change the server settings to point to the desired Caliber Data Server. For more information, see Changing the Caliber Data Server Settings.

User Privileges

The following conditions apply to user privileges that are required when Caliber Visualize is installed to use jointly with Caliber.

  • To create a new project in Caliber Visualize, the Caliber Visualize user must be a member of the Caliber Administrator's group.
  • To work in an existing Caliber Visualize project, the user must be a member of a Caliber group that is assigned to the existing Caliber project. The user can view the same projects in Caliber Visualize and Caliber.
  • The Caliber Visualize user who is a member of a Caliber group assigned to a Caliber project has full access (create, read, update, and delete) to all Caliber Visualize assets.

Caliber-related Services

When you install Caliber, you must select the StarTeam MPX message broker. The MPX message broker provides important services for the Caliber Visualize - Caliber integration. MPX provides a method to publish events.

Important: Requirements and other project assets will not update properly between the two products if the MPX message broker on the Caliber Data Server.