Windows Authentication Support for Microsoft SQL Server

The Atlas Hub database administrator should follow these steps to set up Windows authentication for SQL Server:
  1. Create a domain service for Atlas Hub admin. For example: service.starteamadmin
  2. Login to the Atlas Hub machine as an administrator and add that account to the administrator group.
  3. Shutdown the Atlas Hub.
  4. Login to Microsoft SQL Server database machine and add the service account to Microsoft SQL Server and change the db ownership to this account using the following script. The following script adds login service.starteamadmin to Microsoft SQL Server.
    Login as sa
    Use master
    Create LOGIN [<domain name>\service.starteamadmin] FROM WINDOWS WITH DEFAULT_DATABASE=<starteam database name>
    Use <starteam database name>
    Exec sp_changedbowner [<domain name>\server.starteamadmin] 
    Replace <starteam database name> with the Atlas Hub database name and <domain name> with the domain name.
  5. Log back in to Atlas Hub production machine using the Atlas Hub service account.
    1. Go to Server Administration and open the configuration properties.
    2. Click on the Database Connection tab.
    3. Check the box Use Windows Authentication then click Verify to verify database connection.
    4. Click OK.
    5. Click the menu option Actions > Set to run as service.
    6. Uncheck the localsystem account and define the service using Atlas Hub service account.
  6. Make sure the user account settings are set to Never Notify.
  7. Start the server.