Configuring the Cache Time Out

If you are experiencing sluggishness on the server after long periods of inactivity, you may want to modify the size of the <cacheTimeOut> value in the server configuration file.

If you increase the delay, the memory usage on the server will be higher because artifacts remain in memory longer and you will experience quicker loading times. However, the memory will continue to be consumed until your timeout value is reached.

If you decrease the delay, memory usage is better optimized, but you may experience slow response times after long periods of inactivity as it takes longer to load artifacts.

So, you may need to do perform a balancing act of adjusting the cacheTimeOut value in the server configuration file to find the value that best suits your organization. To do this:

  1. Open the ALMConfiguration.xml file located at C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\Atlas Planning and Tracking Suite\WebServer\shared\lib\.
  2. Navigate to the <configuration> > <administration> node.
  3. Find the <cacheTimeOut> element. It may be commented out.
  4. The default value is 30 hours. Change this to another integer value. If you enter 0, it means that the server will never release the memory.
  5. Save and close the file.