Atlas Hub SQL Scripts for Oracle Schema Users


Run: weekly.

The starteam_oracle_compute_stats.sql script updates the statistics in the database distribution page for all tables in the database. This data enables the query optimizer to choose the right index for a given query.

Run: only if necessary.
Running this script deletes all Atlas Hub tables and the data they contain from the database. This script can be executed from either Sql*Plus or SQL*Worksheet. Use this script with extreme caution.

One use case example is if you migrate an Atlas Hub configuration to another database, you might use starteam_oracle_dropall.sql to remove tables from the original database. Another example is if you mistakenly add the Atlas Hub tables to a tablespace other than the Atlas Hub tablespace, use the starteam_oracle_dropall.sql script to remove them.


Run: weekly.

The starteam_oracle_rebuild_indexes.sql script rebuilds the database indexes and configures the storage parameters for the index tablespace. The script assumes that the indexes are located in a tablespace named INDX. If your index tablespace uses a different name, edit starteam_oracle_rebuild_indexes.sql to reflect the correct tablespace name. Run the starteam_oracle_rebuild_indexes.sql script weekly to enhance database data retrieval.