You are about to install the Atlas Planning and Tracking Suite. Before proceeding with installation, prepare the following items:

A fully installed and configured Atlas Planning And Tracking Suite contains the following applications and components:
A collaborative, flexible, agile requirements and delivery platform. It will be installed and run in a Tomcat server.
Rhythm is an agile project tracking tool designed to allow you to organize, prioritize, and manage your Agile teams' backlogs. You can plan your sprints, task out the work, and then track progress throughout the sprint. It provides comprehensive visibility of all your Agile assets. Rhythm should be used in the place of StarTeam Agile.
Atlas Hub
A software change and configuration management server that stores the assets.
Atlas Hub connects to and supports many databases. If you do not have one installed, PostgreSQL will be installed.
Micro Focus Connect
A web application that allows you to synchronize assets from third party tools into Atlas Hub (and thereby, into Atlas). For example, you could connect Atlas Hub to Rally via Micro Focus Connect and have all stories from Rally appear in Atlas.
Tomcat Web Server
Two Tomcat web servers are installed. One runs Atlas, Rhythm, and Micro Focus Connect and the other runs the Search component.

The following depicts how the components are connected: