Using NLS_LANG Correctly

Atlas Hub converts data that is stored in the database to UTF-8 format. Your database character set should be defined such that it will not conflict with this nor with other Atlas Hub requirements. For more information, see Defining NLS_LANG in the Windows Registry.

NLS_LANG represents the Oracle Client character set. The Oracle Client character set is defined by the third part of the NLS_LANG parameter and must be set to a value that Server uses.

After setting NLS_LANG correctly, Oracle Client correctly translates any symbols to the character code values of the database character set when storing data into the database or retrieving data from the database. NLS_LANG is specified in the following format.

NLS_LANG = language_territory.characterset
Specifies the language used for Oracle messages, day names, and month names.
Specifies the monetary and numeric formats, territory, and conventions for calculating week and day numbers.
Controls the character set used by Oracle Client. (Normally it matches your Microsoft Windows code page.)