Creating the Oracle Schema User Manually

This section explains how to manually create an Oracle tablespace and schema user for Atlas Hub. It also provides an overview of the tuning and maintenance SQL scripts that are provided with Atlas Hub, and explains how to use them. For detailed information on Oracle performance tuning, consult your Oracle documentation.

To configure an Oracle database instance:

  1. Complete the procedures described in Using an Oracle Schema User.
  2. Create an Atlas Hub tablespace.
  3. Create an Atlas Hub schema user.
  4. To ensure that Atlas Hub can create labels and perform other operations successfully, make sure that the schema user has the following Oracle privileges. They must be explicitly defined rather than relegated to roles. For more information, see Granting Oracle Privileges.
    • Create procedure
    • Create sequence
    • Create session
    • Create table
    • Create trigger
    • Create type
    • Create view
    • Unlimited tablespace
    • Create any context
    • Drop any context
  5. Create the server configuration. For more information, see Creating a Server Configuration for an Oracle Schema User.